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Child Custody and Divorce: What you should know.

Child Custody and Divorce: What You Should Know

by admin • April 27, 2022

Child custody is an issue on the minds of millions of Americans, across the country. There are currently 750,000 divorces in the US, every year! Missouri has not been excluded from this divorce epidemic, ranking 31 in a 2019 list of states with the highest divorce rates. What is even more surprising is that divorce […]

Same-sex divorce: An overview

by admin • January 24, 2022

When the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal everywhere in 2015, same-sex divorce was already a fact of life in most of the country. But, almost seven years later, divorcing for LGBTQ+ couples continues to be a complicated endeavor. Many of the difficult issues stem from the fact that many of the relationships began […]

What You Need to Know About Grandparents’ Rights

by admin • January 24, 2022

The bond between a grandparent and a child can be strong, particularly if the grandparent has been a primary caregiver. But that connection does not necessarily bestow any legal rights for visitation should family situations change. It is important to realize that laws regarding visitation vary from state to state, and courts have wide leeway […]


A Major Step: How To Adopt Your Stepchild

by Mat Camp • December 29, 2021

For blended families, adoption of a stepchild can be a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds between stepparent and stepchild, while adding legal certainty concerning major life events like medical care, schooling, or the death of the natural parent. If you are considering adopting a stepchild, know that the law makes such adoptions easier than […]

Family Law Attorney

How To Choose A Family Law Attorney

by Mat Camp • November 24, 2021

Family law is in many ways unlike many other areas of law. Like most areas of law, issues of right and wrong and of course asset-related concerns are part of family law. But the emotional aspects of family law and the often-times involvement of children in family law matters creates an emotional factor not often […]

Custody Modification

School & Office Re-Openings Can Mean It’s Time To Consider A Custody Modification

by Mat Camp • September 30, 2021

As many schools re-open and offices and other businesses begin bringing employees back onsite, custody arrangements for divorced parents may need a second look. Fortunately, existing custody plans can be modified and re-established by family courts. However, successfully seeking a court-ordered modification to an existing plan that had worked for a period of time does […]

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Which Aspects Of A Divorce Affect Child Custody In Missouri?

by Mat Camp • June 3, 2021

Divorce is tragic, especially when children are involved. Their lives are upended, they often face undue stress, find themselves in the middle between parents who are at odds and deal with constant uncertainty. For many children, questions like “Where will I live?”, “Where will I go to school?”, “Will I get to see both of […]

custody plan modification

Circumstances Change & So Can Your Missouri Custody Plan

by Mat Camp • January 27, 2021

The pandemic has brought tragedy and economic upheaval to most of the world. The U.S. has seen nothing comparable in decades – seemingly overnight, the U.S. economy went from boom to bust. Record low unemployment of 3.8% in February reached 13.0% in May as 14.3 million Americans lost their jobs due to widespread shutdowns meant […]

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COVID-19 Custody Issues: School Quarantines For A Divorced Family

by admin • November 11, 2020

Now that many St. Louis area schools are returning back to in-person instruction (or a combination in-person and virtual education), there are many more concerns about school quarantine protocols. This Fall, many private and charter schools tested the waters for St. Louis City / County, and an early look at their results have raised a […]