How Domestic Violence Impacts Divorce

by Legal Back Office • July 7, 2022

Domestic Violence explained Domestic Violence is an unfortunate reality which many women and men face throughout the country. Domestic violence, contrary to popular notion, can be physical, verbal, mental and/or emotional. Missouri’s definition of domestic violence is widely encompassing, as domestic violence, under Missouri law, can consist of assault, abuse, threat of abuse etc. How […]

Child Custody and Divorce: What you should know.

Child Custody and Divorce: What You Should Know

by admin • April 27, 2022

Child custody is an issue on the minds of millions of Americans, across the country. There are currently 750,000 divorces in the US, every year! Missouri has not been excluded from this divorce epidemic, ranking 31 in a 2019 list of states with the highest divorce rates. What is even more surprising is that divorce […]