Corporate Theft and Embezzlement Defense

Corporate Theft & Embezzlement Defense

Allegations or subsequent indictments on corporate theft and/or embezzlement are often not cut and dry. These matters can be extremely complex and technical having become even more so with ever-changing advances in technology. 

Corporate theft and embezzlement may involve miscommunications, honest mistakes or oversights, and our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients accused of these crimes.  

Many of these matters involve small- or mid-sized companies in which a single employee covers several areas or functions and is therefore vulnerable to these accusations due to a lack of proper oversight.  

At Marler Law Partners, we have defended clients in a number of these cases, and have seen first-hand the many ways in which a trusted employee can be wrongly accused. 

For these clients, everything is on the line. Lives can be ruined. Careers ended. Reputations destroyed. Understanding the consequences and the many nuances associated with these cases, our attorneys frequently enlist expert help in the form of highly-skilled and experienced forensic Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who painstakingly sift through copious mountains of files to determine precisely what occurred and why.  

In addition, our attorneys have the legal skills and experience working with businesses that enable them to fully understand the technical work of forensic accountants and the structural business conditions which can lead to these situations.

Judgment-Free Representation
Marler Law Partners

Our attorneys build strong defenses. We never walk into a court room planning to use a “he-said, she-said” defense like many less experienced firms might.  

Instead, we focus on building a precisely-constructed, thoroughly-researched, evidence-based corporate theft/embezzlement defense, putting our clients in the best possible position to refute the allegations, win their cases and restore their reputations. 

Marler Law Partners proudly serves the residents of:  St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Bollinger County, Butler County, Crawford County, Dent County, Franklin County, Gasconade County, Iron County, Jefferson County, Madison County, Perry County, Reynolds County, Sainte Genevieve County, St. Charles County, St. Francois County, Stoddard County, Washington County, & Wayne County.


“We focus on building precisely constructed, thoroughly researched evidence-based defenses, putting our clients in the best possible position to win their cases.”

Marler Law Partners offers equal criminal defense experience as the ‘big city’ firms with the added benefit of knowing our own local court systems inside and out.

If your employer accuses you of stealing from the company, contact the talented local criminal defense attorneys of Marler Law Partners today.

Meet Ramona Gau

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, one advantage Ramona has is her time spent as a prosecuting attorney. This gives her a unique understanding and insight into how the prosecutor may build their case, making her a formidable opponent.