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Being charged with a criminal offense is terrifying – your life is out of your hands and your future hangs in the balance. If you are charged with a crime, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is an absolute MUST.

The attorneys of Marler Law Partners have defended the residents of Southeast Missouri & St Louis for years and have earned a reputation as relentless advocates with proven success in securing dismissals and acquittals.

We fight for the rights of our clients because everyone deserves justice. It is all too easy for the criminal justice system to take advantage of you, and a good defense attorney can help prevent that from happening.

Judgment-Free Representation
Marler Law Partners

At Marler Law Partners, we are focused on the facts. It doesn’t matter how innocent or guilty the evidence makes you look – we are dedicated to proving (or often disproving) how it applies to the case.

We know courts and juries can wrongfully convict; countless times we have known our client was innocent when evidence seemed to indicate otherwise. We don’t take the responsibility to prove innocence lightly.

At Marler Law Partners, our attorneys have access to some of the most experienced investigators and experts in the area to support your defense, and we will not let up.

Even if the jury gets it wrong, that is not the end of the road. We will continue to fight for you through the court of appeals, the Missouri Supreme Court or even the Supreme Court of the United States.

The evidence is out there – we just have to find it. And we will.

Marler Law Partners proudly serves the residents of:  St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Bollinger County, Butler County, Crawford County, Dent County, Franklin County, Gasconade County, Iron County, Jefferson County, Madison County, Perry County, Reynolds County, Sainte Genevieve County, St. Charles County, St. Francois County, Stoddard County, Washington County, & Wayne County.

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

At Marler Law Partners, we’ve defended clients in every type of criminal case you can imagine. Here are answers to some of the most common questions defendants facing criminal charges have:

If I tell the cops I don’t want to talk to them, aren’t they going to think that I did it?

The fact that the cops are already talking to you means they already think you did it. There’s no need to give them any more evidence than they may already have against you.

Can I plead guilty with an explanation?

No. Your attorney can give your explanation to the prosecutor to negotiate a deal or to the judge to argue for a lighter sentence, but there is no “guilty plea with an explanation.”

How do I keep my charges private while my case is pending?  

Generally, all criminal cases in Missouri are open to the public. Also, Missouri creates easy access to the general public. 

Once your case is disposed of, if you receive a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), are acquitted or are found criminally insane; it is a crime for anyone to share information about your case.  

How do I keep my charges private when my case is over?

Depending on your charges, you may be eligible to apply for an expungement under Missouri law. Requirements to qualify for expungement include, but are not limited to:

  • Not committing any felony offences for at least seven years or misdemeanor offenses for three years
  • Completing all obligations relating to your charges, such as paying fines or community service
  • You have never received expungement before
  • Your conduct demonstrates you are not a threat to the public or state

However, certain charges like class A felonies, DUIs, and sex crimes are not eligible for expungement in Missouri.

If you believe your record is holding you back, such as preventing you from gaining better jobs, be sure to speak to an attorney to see if you qualify for expungement.

What’s probation like?

There are two types: Unsupervised and supervised.

Unsupervised probation is exactly like it sounds – you are not assigned to a probation officer, nor are you required to report to one. While you may have to check in with the judge throughout your probation to make sure you are staying out of trouble, the main way defendants violate unsupervised probation is to pick up a new case.

Supervised probation means you have a probation officer or PO. Your PO will meet with you regularly, drug test you, make sure you are completing any special conditions and write you up when you are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Your probation officer can be your advocate or your enemy. It can be helpful for you to go out of your way to make the PO’s job easy. Be kind, be respectful and understand they have a job to do.

What’s Prison Like?  

Prison oftentimes gives individuals more freedom and resources than the county jails; however, who you associate with can make or break your experience.

You have specific times to get up, eat, go to rec, shower, attend class/work, and go to bed. I encourage all clients to focus on looking good for the parole board, because after all, the sooner you get out the better.  

Take all the classes you can.  Listen to the corrections officers (CO’s) – even the ones on the power trips.  Those little write ups look bad to the parole board.


St Louis & Southeast Missouri Criminal Defense

While you may think the best attorneys are in bigger cities, Marler Law Partners offers equal criminal defense experience with the added benefit of knowing our own court systems inside and out.

Additionally, we have attorneys who have worked as former prosecutors, so we know all the tricks in the book and how to effectively counter their tactics.

If you are ever charged with a criminal offense, you need an attorney you can trust to defend you. Don’t hesitate; contact the attorneys of Marler Law Partners today for a consultation.

Meet Ramona Gau

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, one advantage Ramona has is her time spent as a prosecuting attorney. This gives her a unique understanding and insight into how the prosecutor may build their case, making her a formidable opponent.