The simple answer to avoiding a Missouri DWI or DUI this holiday season is to not drink alcohol at parties and family gatherings, but life is not simple.

Maybe you drank way more than you thought at your work party or you decided you weren’t going to drink and then, whoops – you’re now six egg nogs deep.

Maybe you were the designated driver and peer pressure got to you. What do you do in these scenarios?

Options To Avoid A Missouri DWI

Not only are you facing a fine or jail time, but a DWI can have serious effects on your driving privileges. Here are a few tips to avoiding hurting yourself or others this holiday season.

Get A Room!

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year, grab a hotel room or Airbnb nearby. Even if you are traveling 30 minutes down the road, make the trip a staycation if you plan on drinking.

Host the Get-Together

Hosting a party with your germ pod may be the last obstacle you want to face this year, but it is still a better option than driving while intoxicated. Instead of traveling this season, have your family or friends come to you. This way, you can be in control of drinking and taking people’s keys if they shouldn’t be driving either.


The most realistic option for the holidays if you live in a well-populated area is taking an Uber or Lyft home. Paying $10 to $20 to get home safely is way cheaper than paying thousands of dollars in fines for a DUI/DWI or lifetime of regret because you hurt yourself or someone else.

Get A Sober Driver

Black-out Wednesday and New Year’s Eve are holidays you may not be spending with your family. If you traveled home this holiday season, call your mom or dad or friend or brother to pick you up. Yes, it sounds like the last thing you might want to do but guaranteed your parents or someone out there cares enough about you to come pick you up – even if they are half awake and annoyed with you.

Hold Off On Drinking

Although the holiday season is all about celebrating, eating a lot of food and gathering with friends and family, it might be best to hold off any gatherings this year. With the increased spread of COVID-19, it might be best to save yourself from the risk of contracting the virus and a DUI/DWI at the same time this year.

Missouri DWI / DUI Defense Attorney

If you decide to drink and drive this season and get a DUI/DWI, it is best to consult with a lawyer as soon as you can. There are many circumstances in which you can obtain a DUI/DWI and multiple other charges.

An attorney can look over your arrest report, charges and evidence to guide you in court. There may be circumstances where you pay the fine, have a probation period, but do not have the DUI/DWI on your record.

However, other times you can lose your license or see a huge increase in insurance rates. Consult a lawyer before you simply accept the charges against you.

If you are in Missouri and need a lawyer for a DUI/DWI or traffic-related fine this holiday season, contact the attorneys at Marler Law Partners for a free consultation.