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What’s My Car Accident Injury Worth?

by admin • October 27, 2019

This is often the first question someone will ask when they have a consultation with one of our attorneys at Marler Law Partners about a personal injury car accident claim. The short answer is: It’s complicated.   However, there are several factors insurance companies will consider that you should keep in mind before giving an attorney a call.  Who Caused The Accident / Who Was At Fault?   An insurance company will only […]

Ride Sharing Insurance Questions

Rideshare Apps & Accidents: Who Is Liable?

by admin • August 13, 2019

Regular car insurance claims can be hard, but if you’re the passenger or a rideshare driver involved in a car accident while using Uber or Lyft, the insurance claims process can be a little more difficult. Because the rideshare industry only formed in the past decade, it’s still a relatively new area for insurance policies […]

Missouri Driver Points

Missouri Driver Pro-Tips: Keeping Points Off Your License

by admin • July 3, 2019

If you’ve ever been in a traffic accident, had a moving violation like a speeding ticket or any other incident as a driver, you’re probably aware of the “points” on your Missouri license. These points can determine many things, including your eligibility to have a license, any driving restrictions and even the cost of your […]