Family Law

Unique Custody Issues: COVID-19 and Sending Children to School 

by Sarah Johnson • August 17, 2020

For the past few months, the uncertainty of COVID-19 has disrupted the life of so many parents and children. As the summer flies by and school is approaching, the anxiety for parents is at an all–time high. Unfortunately, this decision can become even more difficult for parents who share custody. If you are a parent with a school-aged […]


Divorce, Separation and Property Division

by Sarah Johnson • June 26, 2020

The messiest part of any divorce is always the property division: “Who gets the dog?” “Who gets the house?” “Who is responsible for the debt?” Property can cover so many things – not just physical assets, but monetary assets and business holdings as well. Below we showcase an example of why property division matters and […]

Should You consider a Postnuptial Agreement? 

by Sarah Johnson • June 17, 2020

Everyone is familiar with prenuptial agreements, which are agreements made between two people before marrying that establishes rights to property and support in the event of divorce or death.     Many think of this concept as unromantic, as it acknowledges the possible end of a marriage before it even begins. However, prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more common as millennials are getting […]

Family Law More Than Just Divorce

by Sarah Johnson • April 21, 2020

So often when we tell people that Marler Law Partners practices family law, many of our friends and clients assume that just means divorce. However, family Law covers many domestic issues relating to family outside of divorce. Below are some of the many ways Marler Law Partners can serve you in family law: Divorce Child […]

What Does A COVID-19 “Stay-At-Home-Order” Mean For My Child Custody Agreement?

by Sarah Johnson • April 3, 2020

Many counties in the greater St. Louis area, including Jefferson County, are more than a week into their 30-day Stay-at-Home Order implemented to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Additionally, St. Francois County is also implementing their own stay-at-home order effective Friday, April 3 following increased COVID-19 cases in Missouri. What this means is that […]

Child Custody

Traditional Custody Agreements Are Changing To Emphasize Equality

by admin • September 11, 2019

One of the biggest shifts in family law in the past decade is the movement towards joint custody. While some states, like Missouri, have passed legislation to encourage more equal custody agreements, others are seeing a change in the traditional custody agreements strictly due to the cultural shifts. The traditional custody agreement usually looks something […]

Back To School Legal Advice

Back-To-School Legal Advice Parents Need To Know

by admin • August 13, 2019

In Missouri, schools are getting started as early as this week.  The beginning of the school year is always a good time to review any new school policies, look over waivers, and make sure you have the proper paperwork on file with the school and copies of important documents at home.  It may be a […]

Social Media & Family Law: How It Can Impact Your Case

by admin • April 25, 2019

Social media can make life easier. You’re able to quickly share photos with your long-distance family, coordinate a group outing without making phone calls and quickly find out about local events. However, the ease of posting and commenting can be a double-edged sword. It’s natural to vent to friends in the middle of a breakup. […]