As March is winding down, I find myself doing what most business owners are doing at this point of the year: Examining my first quarter goals and results.

Whether you are a business owner or not, you may find yourself examining the personal and professional goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. For example:

  • Did you improve your performance at work?
  • Did you save money by eating out less?
  • Were you successful cutting down on binging Netflix?

As a business owner, I look not only at the goals I set for myself, but for my entire business and the individuals on my team.

  • How many cases had favorable outcomes for our clients?
  • Did everyone on the team have the right balance of client work and office work?
  • How many new clients did we gain?
  • How many positive/negative reviews did we receive?
  • Is my team satisfied with their work and our culture?

Measuring Our Impact

It’s important to pencil in these times for reflection as a business owner. Our goal at Marler Law Partners is to “Help Good People Through Hard Times.” However, that goal means very little if we aren’t measuring how we achieve it. So, how do we measure that?

We look at:

  • Favorable outcomes for our clients
  • Total number of clients we served who otherwise wouldn’t have legal support
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Budget and spending for charitable contributions
  • Community service hours

So yes, when someone from our office calls or emails to check on how you are doing and how our work is going for you, WE REALLY DO CARE!

As a firm, we look over all the notes we get back from clients and reflect on how we can perform even better. Every evaluation, both positive and negative is sincerely taken to heart and discussed each month with every member of our staff at our firm meetings.

Impact Outside of Our Client Services

While working to do everything we can to help our clients through hard times, we also try to look at how we can help the greater Farmington and Southeast Missouri community. We look at the needs of our community and ask ourselves, “How can we help?”

That is why we encourage our employees to give back and volunteer locally whenever possible. That’s also why our firm donates to a number of local charities and families in need throughout the year. And next month (April 2020), we’re holding an online fundraiser for Bikers Against Child Abuse in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Our firm will match the first $500.00 donated to our Facebook fundraiser to support the local BACA chapter. Our fundraiser will start April 1 and end April 30. We hope that you can join us in supporting such a noble cause that has helped protect thousands of children nationwide.

Click here to donate to our Facebook fundraiser for BACA. If you have any other local service opportunities you think we should consider, email me personally.