Businesses in Missouri this week have been responding to the COVID-19 outbreak that officials fear will spread throughout the state. Many are allowing employees to work from home, implementing new sick / paid time off policies, or simply closing doors during the recommended 2-week self-quarantine to slow the spread of the virus.

Marler Law Partners in Farmington, Missouri is taking a different approach. To support the firm’s mission of “Helping good people through hard times,” managing partner Sara Marler announced on Saturday that MLP will be offering grocery and household necessities delivery next Monday (March 23rd)  and Tuesday (March 24th) in the afternoon to individuals who sign up in the Farmington and Park Hills area (zip codes 63640,63637,63601,63651).

“I am concerned for people who can’t get out and get the things they need due to their health or age,” Marler said. “I’m always looking for ideas to live out our mission in the community. When I realized that people were not able to buy everyday essential items, that struck a chord with me. How are we able to help people who are home-bound or can’t take the risk to get out?”

When Sara floated the idea to the rest of her staff, the entire firm had an overwhelmingly positive response.

“I can’t think of a better way to help our neighbors in a time like this,” Practice Manager Cayla Sinamon said. “My family had to drive an hour over to Washington County just to get the groceries we needed for a family gathering last week. The least we can do is try to stock up and distribute what we can to those who can’t afford to leave their homes.”

The firm is taking extra precautions to ensure their staff limits contamination. They will be dropping off the care packages on the doorstep and leaving hand wipes for people to wipe down everything.

To sign up for Marler Law Partners’ care package delivery, you can visit the firm’s website or Facebook page to fill out an online form, or simply call the office at 573-713-6883. There are 16 time slots available, so be sure let them know your preferred times for drop off, what your biggest needs are, and your contact information so that the staff can coordinate the delivery.

Marler Law Partners physical offices will be closed for the next two weeks, but the firm will remain fully functional.

“The good news for our clients is that our firm has planned ahead for this type of challenge and we are fully equipped to meet this situation head-on,” Marler said. “Every one of our employees has a laptop, technology, and remote phone access to continue serving our clients as if we were physically in the office. While this ever-changing situation is very serious, we will get through it together. We will be transitioning any standing appointments or consultations to be via phone or video. Clients can expect delays in their hearings and proceedings as many of the courts will be closing. We will be communicating with our clients early and often on any changes to the timeline of their cases due to COVID-19 closures.”

About Marler Law Partners: Marler Law Partners is a Southeast Missouri and St. Louis-based law firm providing legal services in Family Law, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Criminal Defense. The attorneys of Marler Law Partners have decades of experience helping good people through hard times via their legal services while also promoting a positive community impact on St. Louis and St. Francois counties through philanthropic endeavors.


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