We’ve seen the TV dramas and the movie’s depiction of attorney, and they usually fall into two categories:

  1. The Corporate Lawyer – someone who wears an overpriced suit, portrayed as heartless and often the villain, or
  2. The Small-Town Attorney – almost always a southern gentlemen with a thick accent that stresses his folksy charm.

In Hollywood, there seems to be very little middle ground. But the real world isn’t so black and white.

These stereotypes come from our generalizations about lawyers. And while there are good things about both “types” of attorneys, in reality, you can have the best of both worlds without compromising!

Why The Big City Attorney?

The “city attorneys” or larger firms that are in metropolitan areas do bring many positives to any potential client.

First of all, they have a ton of resources at their disposal – whether it be a large legal team, office staffing support or proximity to many businesses and expert witnesses to help your case.

Additionally, they likely have a larger number of cases to draw from the firm has worked on as a basis for comparison to your situation. And while not always true, there is a perception of higher professionalism or more expertise with city firms.

However, many of these supposed positives do come with their share of negatives.

For example, the larger and more renowned a law office becomes, the less personal an attorney-client relationship may be.  It’s easy to become a number on a spreadsheet, as opposed to “John” or “Sally.”

A larger volume of cases may also mean your attorney does not have as much time to spend dedicated to you.

Why The Small-Town Attorney?

The “small-town attorney” provides several advantages, many of which you won’t see in commercials.

If they are local to you and your case, they will be familiar with the other attorney and the judges.  This can give a client and advantage in knowing likely events and outcomes. 

Because smaller firms tend to have a smaller caseload, your attorney will pay more attention to your case.

Another generalization that turns out to be true more often than not is that they will go above and beyond for their clients – they are your neighbor, your community member and will ensure you are taken care of.

Your local attorney often depends on word-of-mouth and direct referrals. That means they must hold themselves to a high standard of customer service and expertise; otherwise, they wouldn’t stay in business for long.

Marler Law Partners Brings The Best Of Both Worlds.

With offices in St. Louis and Southeast Missouri, Marler Law Partners can provide you with the best of both!

We have home-court advantage in Southeast Missouri but bring with us the expertise and professionalism of a big St. Louis firm.

You can rest easy knowing that you have multiple attorneys working for you, but you’re not just another name on our client list.

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