After our announcement last week of Scott Schrum’s judicial appointment, I began reflecting on the changes our firm will make. As of today, Marler Schrum Law will be rebranding to Marler Law Partners as Scott Schrum moves on to his next professional life chapter. It’s a bittersweet moment for us. As anyone who has worked with us knows, we truly are a family at our law firm. And if you know Scott Schrum, you know what a big presence he is in our community. While we are happy for Scott’s transition, his day-to-day presence in our lives will be missed.

So often at our firm we are the ones guiding others through a season of change in their lives. Whether they are getting divorced, needing defending against a false criminal accusation or overcoming an injury, Marler Schrum Law has been that personal team and counsel to guide them through the process and transition. And now, as we sit in the same seat with our “family” changing, I can appreciate even more how our clients feel. It’s a bit like moving into a new apartment or a house. You are excited to reorganize things into your new space, re-evaluate some of the things you own and start some new routines, but you also still must face the reality of leaving behind good memories made in the past and the emotions resulting from closing a profound life chapter.

We are excited for the next phase of our law firm, but there are a lot of moving boxes. Some of the changes are fun to discuss – like picking a new logo (coming soon!) and more opportunities to rebrand. Some of the changes are more challenging in their administration – changing our name on all of our materials both online and offline, updating all of our business registration information and all within a week! And some are painful and uncomfortable, like learning to function as a team without one of our best players.

I’m happy to say that our family pulled together and has accomplished a lot just in time to celebrate with Scott as he gets sworn in today. We knew this day would come for Scott as serving his community as a judge has always been a dream of his, but we didn’t expect it so soon. And when an opportunity like this comes your way, you don’t ignore the call. We couldn’t be more proud of Scott, nor could there be a more deserving person for this role.

So what can you, our extended Marler Law Partners family, expect? Well, things will be largely the same around here except for cosmetic changes.

  • You can still find us at our three locations.
  • You can still count on the fact that when you hire an attorney at our firm, you are hiring an entire legal team to partner with you on your case.
  • You can still expect that Brenda, Dawn, Cayla, Jessy, Sherilyn and Diane will be answering your calls and caring for your needs at the office.
  • You can still expect our attorneys to be your counselor and advisor while we fight for you.
  • You can still expect our presence and support for local organizations and businesses in St. Francois County and beyond.
  • And you can still expect us to refer to Scott Pecher as Pecher, despite him being the only Scott at our office now. (Old habits die hard, am I right?)

So stay tuned for the new fresh face of Marler Law Partners in the coming months! From our family to yours, thank you for being on this journey with us as we all adjust to change and yet seek to seize every opportunity!

All the best,

Sara Marler, Managing Partner
Marler Law Partners