Family law is in many ways unlike many other areas of law. Like most areas of law, issues of right and wrong and of course asset-related concerns are part of family law.

But the emotional aspects of family law and the often-times involvement of children in family law matters creates an emotional factor not often seen in other areas of practice.

Think about it. If a real estate transaction goes bad, one, both or all parties in the dispute may feel wronged, and understandably so. But at least children, homes and personal lives aren’t normally affected.

The personal nature of family law adds a dimension to hiring a family law attorney that may well not factor into the search for an attorney handling many other matters.

And in a family law case, much more than assets hang in the balance, so the approach to hiring an attorney should include considerations unique to the personal nature of these matters.

With that in mind, it’s important to focus on the following factors and attributes when hiring a family law attorney.

Ample Experience with Family Law

While divorce and child custody come to mind immediately when people think of family law, this area of law encompasses much more.

Child support, annulments, legal separation, adoption, modifications, guardianship, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, name changes, grandparents right, and LGBTQ+ family law issues are just a few of the issues addressed by family law attorneys.

Keep in mind many family law issues initially or eventually encompass several of these issues, so working with a family law attorney who has not only years of experience, but a wide range of experience in these issues is extremely important.

Communication is Key in Family Law

Nearly every area of family law can or does involve heightened emotions – often for everyone involved.

Emotional situations can adversely affect communications between parties involved and their attorneys, or between the family members in the dispute. With that in mind choosing an attorney who is a patient, thorough, clear and effective communicator is extremely important.

It is also important to remember that much of communication involves listening. Every client’s objectives and specific priorities in a family law issue are unique to that client. So it is extremely important for attorneys to take the time to listen and ask questions to ensure they completely understand the client’s goals and concerns.

Money Matters

It is no secret that legal disputes – especially those that end up in litigation – can be costly. Fees for lawyers are just the start as filing fees, missed work and other expenses can add up quickly.

Clients should understand the importance of working with an attorney who openly discusses the costs involved with proposed legal services. Clients who have this understanding can better budget and make decisions regarding exactly which course of action they wish to take and can afford to choose.

Do You Connect with Your Prospective Lawyer?

Clients should understand that working with a family lawyer will mean discussing personal, emotional issues.

With that in mind it’s important that clients feel comfortable with their lawyer and that their lawyer empathizes with them and their family members.

Keep Perspective

Emotions often run high in family law cases but in many cases – particularly those involving children – the objective is usually to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to the dispute.

There often is not a “perfect” outcome to a family law matter, but there can be a resolution that enables everyone involved to move on with their lives, with minimal negative, lasting impact.

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