If you’ve ever been in a car accident or had to file a claim with an insurance company, chances are you’ve been asked to give a recorded statement to an adjuster.

Before you give a statement, there are some things you will want to consider:

  1. Is the claim more likely to be against you or on your behalf?
  2. Is the adjuster part of your insurance company, or the other party’s?
    a) If it’s the other party’s, be very cautious as they have the financial motive to manipulate your statement in a way that favors their driver.
  3. Have you first consulted with your own insurance company?
  4. Is it a serious enough claim (for example, personal injury to you or the other party) that you would need to consult with an attorney?
  5. Do you have all the information in front of you that the insurance adjuster has, such as a police report?

Whenever in doubt, it is always best to consult with an attorney before you file a claim or give a recorded statement. If the case does involve personal injury, your attorney will likely want to be present and participant in any statement you give or will not want you to give a statement

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